18Ga Cordless Nailers Review

18Ga Cordless Nailers Review

Cordless nailers are becoming a favorite tool amongst woodworkers and today I’m looking at 3 of them: The RyobiP320, The Ridgid R09890B, and the Hitachi NT1850DE.

First let’s establish that each of these 3 nailers performed flawlessly. Each shoot nails 5/8″ to 2″ in length and in the case of the Ridgid will shoot a 2-1/8″. I have yet to have a nail not fully sink and I haven’t had a single jam. That being said, let’s look at their features so you can decide which fits your specific needs.

Weight and comfort:
The Ryobi weighed in the lightest at 6lbs 15oz with a large capacity battery; the Hitachi was second at 7lbs 8 oz (smaller capacity battery); and the Ridgid rung up at 7lbs 10oz with a 4AH battery. Although the Hitachi and Ridgid were similar in weight, the handle design of the Hitachi, which is slightly awkward to grasp, which made it feel heavier than it really was. It appears to be designed to stand upright nice and easy when not in use, which it does. However, when you reach for it, your wrist tilts back slightly which makes it uncomfortable. Both the Ryobi and Ridgid have traditional handles with textured/non slip rubber which makes for a more comfortable use and natural positioning.

Bump Speed:
Each unit has a “Bump” Mode meaning you can hold the trigger in and the nailer will fire automatically when the safety nose is pressed all the way against the wood. For those not familiar with the term Bump Mode, think of it more like a rapid fire. If speed is a priority for you, the hitachi shines. Not only is the hitachi fast, but it’s able to do so with minimal kickback. Its extremely smooth. Both the Ridged and Ryobi perform at speeds that are suitable to most people; but I’d say the hitachi can shoot at a 2-1 pace or close to it.

Jam release lever and Depth Adjustment:
The Ryobi and Ridgid both have nice jam release levers and depth adjustment nobs. Each release level opens fully to give a clean line of sight to remove any nail jam. Simply open the clip and snap it back down to secure it. Both Depth knobs are big, easily accessible, and have large grooves to ensure a good grasp. The hitachi on the other hand fell short in my opinion. It took me using 2 hands to open its’ clip and as you can see in the picture above that’s as far as mine would open. The Depth adjustment is small and tucked away slightly against the clip. As a result I can only get the tips of my thumb and pointer finger on it and with the grooves small and close together I feel like my fingers slip easily.

Unique features:

Each of these nailers have a feature that’s unique to them. The Ryobi is the only nailer to have 2 LED lights, one on each side of the clip. Visibiliy is fantastic on this nailer. The Hitachi is the only nailer that you have to physically turn on. As you can see in the pic the power button is right in the middle of the battery indicator button and the bump mode button. Lastly the Ridgid is the only one with a clear nail sleeve for easy visibility as you get low on nails. The ridgid and Hitachi also come with brushless motors.


Ryobi comes in at $129 without a battery which i think is one of the best values in the Ryobi 18V One+ line. The Ridgid Comes in at $199 right now as a special buy at Home Depot. Not only is that the lowest I’ve seen it, but it also makes for tremendous value. The Hitachi is priced at $259 with a battery and charger, which is also a great price that makes it worth looking at.

Have a question or comment? I’d love to hear from you. I’ll put link for all 3 below. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time

Ryobi: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-Volt-ONE-AirStrike-18-Gauge-Cordless-Brad-Nailer-Tool-Only-P320/203810823

Ridgid: https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-HYPERDRIVE-18-Volt-18-Gauge-2-1-8-in-Brushless-Brad-Nailer-R09890B/205929956

Hitachi: http://amzn.to/2y4R0U5

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  • I will say this – after buying into the Ridgid line, I am very happy with their 18ga nailer. For me, this review really goes to show that consumers have a safe bet no matter which battery line they are already bought into.

  • Really thorough and fair review of these nailers. I am torn between the Ryobi and the Ridgid, they both seem to able work equally as good side by side. I will definitely be looking to purchase one in the very near future. Thanks for your unbiased review Pete.

  • The Ryobi is the cheapest, lightest and let’s not forget smallest. To me that’s most important. Think of nailing in those X’s on the side of a console. It’s a tight squeeze. We had a dewalt 20v on site last week and it was enormous. It didn’t fit between the window and the column we were trying to wrap with wood.

    PS, Pete you forgot to mention how on the Ryobi you can pull back the grey countersink knob, which releases the safety allowing you to fire nails across the room at Amish Brandon.

  • I agree with you. I have problems for the brands like Senco. But after searching over internet i found an article https://toolzfinder.com/senco-nail-gun-reviews-fusion-finish-pro/ which is helpful for myself.


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