Cordless Routers:  Ryobi P601 vs Ridgid R86044B

Cordless Routers: Ryobi P601 vs Ridgid R86044B

So A lot questions come up with regards to cordless routers; more specifically The RYOBI and the RIDGID.  Which one is better?  Which one should I get?  Well after using both of these for a while i thought it was time to blog about it.  So here we go…


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Looking at both, theyre pretty much identical.  But both run on their respected 18v platforms; both have the same locking mechanism, same height adjustment, and same base plate.  They both have durable rubber where you grip tool and a nice LED light.  The ryobi has a little more height and depth as you can see in the pics, but overall they’re pretty much identical.


The Ryobi costs $69.99 while the ridgid is normally $119.99 with a recent sale having it at $99.  Neither come with a battery.  The ryobi is GREAT value. The Ridgid is GOOD at $99, not so much at $119

Now for the differences.

The Ridgid has better balance.  No question about it.  The added depth on the Ryobi makes it less balanced, but its not a deal breaker by any means and honestly wasnt noticeable until i used the Ridgid .  The switch for the Ridgid is on the side where as the ryobi is located on the back.  I like the switch on the Ryobi much better, but I like the location on the Ridgid.  Again, neither are deal breakers.  The main difference between the two is the Ridgid has a brushless motor.  Now we’ve been led to believe that brushless meant more power.  After using both of these now for a while, I can honestly say that that the power difference isnt noticeable to me.  A router like this is meant for roundovers, decorative edges, and maybe small dados or dovetails.  Both of these do all that just fine; but because the jobs are small, its hard to notice the power difference.


I wish Ryobi could do something about the added depth where the battery sticks out.  Like I said, its not a deal breaker, but we can all agree that any improvement on any tool is a good thing.  The Ridgid switch leaves something to be desired.  I know its nit picking, but I always prefer a left/right switch or a button switch to the  in/out switch that’s currently on their router.  Lastly, I wish the brushless motor was more noticeable power wise.


As stated, the Ridgid is really well balanced with a lifetime warrenty so Id give a very slight edge to the Ridgid.  The only thing better than an LSA is not having to use it and Ryobi’s quality has never failed me.  Plus they’re some of the nicest people with great customer service.  If you’re in each of the respected 18v systems, then none of the pros or cons are going to make you switch out.  If your #RyobiNationRocks, then this router will work perfect for you at a GREAT price.  If you’re #teamridgid, then this router is your choice and you’ll love it.   Either way, you wont be disappointed.  For a first go at it, both did a nice job cutting the cord and making these a must have tool for your shop.

Have either or both?  I’d love to hear from you below.  Tell me what you think?


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  • Thanks for the Review Pete. I was possibly looking into one of these as my cheap Harbor Freight router died in me recently. I think I will spend the extra money and go with the Ridgid. The lifetime warranty and the balance of the router is what sold me. I think it is worth spending a few extra bucks for that.

  • Nice review! Keep up the good work

  • I chose the Ryobi, I already had the battery platform and it was more feasible for me at the time. I have no regrets and love the ability to just grab and go without trying to look for an outlet and extension cord.


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