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Fulltime? Part Time? Weekend Warrior? Hobby?

So where do you fall now and what is the end goal for you.

Currently I'm a 'Days off from "real" job' guy. I've progressed a little to days off and evenings. LoL

My end goal is 100% to be full time, self sufficient and have a shop with maybe a store front, in the front. My wife owns and runs a vinyl decal business and does lots of larger business window signs and full back window car spreads for businesses. Of course she does small stuff too for "crafting". I would like to one day incorporate out businesses together inside a store front. But that's the long term goal. Nowhere near that right now.

Bobby Stacy Designer/Creator/Builder Southern Sawdust Inc.

I fall into the "weekend warrior" category. I try and get down to the basement during the week after my full time job to relax and unwind with wood working. I hope to some day create a stand alone shop with more than one electrical outlet ha! It would be a dream to actually have a small business consisting of what I make with my hands but right now most projects I make are for friends and family. Just enjoying the builds for now.

what do you make now blackdogwood?  whats your instagram?

We are part time, evenings and weekends.  I am a full time in finance for a major bank.  I kind of like working full-time at the bank for things like salary, benefits etc and making the extra money from being successful part time wood working.  If I could scale really big in wood working where I could make similar to what I make at the bank and part time I would love to go full-time..

I am part time evening and weekends kinda guy.  I get in the shop when I can.  Started out making stuff for my house and it grew into a little business to where now I usually stay booked up for 2-3 months since it take a little longer to complete things being part time.  Good side money to pay for tools and materials to build my own furniture.  If I ever get big enough to go full time, that wouldn't be off the table if I could meet the same income to keep us afloat.  I enjoy it a lot and they say if you enjoy what you do then you never work a day in your who knows what the future holds.  I will definitely need a bigger shop though.