The Ryobi 18V One + One Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

The Ryobi 18V One + One Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

I believe the old saying is never judge a book by it’s cover.  Nothing has been truer than Ryobi’s new 18v One + One 10″ sliding miter saw.  36V of power packed into 35lbs of portability.



Right out of the box i noticed 2 things; It was an eye catcher and incredibly light.  At 35lbs  the saw is easy to move around.  When I set it up I was very surprised with the design. There wasn’t any areas protruding where the batteries might go like you’ve seen in other saws.  The sleek design has the batteries face down right behind the handle and no higher that the blade guard.   More importantly the saw was perfectly square out of the box.  The power is amazing. I’ve never used a cordless miter saw before, but I was honestly expecting some type of power trade off.  I was wrong.  It did not bog down when I cut a 4×6 piece and it didn’t miss a beat cutting a 2×12 on a single pass.  The power is by far it’s greatest selling point.


At first the handle was awkward.  There’s a black safety switch to the left of the trigger that you have to push in in order to turn the saw on.  At first its a little strange, but you get used to it.  Ive been using it for two days cutting everything for a current job and it’s definitely becoming less awkward. Also, after 2 days of use, both batteries still have 3 of their 4 power bars.



Despite being just a 10″ saw, it has a full 13″ cutting capacity at 90 degrees and can cut a 2×8 at 45 degrees.  It has all the common stops you’d expect in a miter saw and those stops have no play in them.  Is a matter of fact, the entire saw is tight.  There is no blade wobble and no slop in the slide when extended.  The locking knob and release lever are both plastic.  I would have liked to see something a little more substantial here but its not a deal breaker.  There’s also no depth adjustment if you wanted to to any type dado or half lap joints.



Like most miter saws the Ryobi does have a laser on it.  You can turn it on prior to pulling the trigger by press the button located on the handle to line up your piece. The laser itself is just ok but it’s never something I’ve ever relied on.  There is a laser adjustment at the top of the blade guard.  Its a simple Phillips screw head, that you can turn to tune in the laser. The biggest draw back……NO LED LIGHT.  To be honest I was really disappointed in this.  In an era where everything from drills to jigsaws seem to have an LED light, I’m surprised it was left off.



A great feature on this is that its a dual bevel miter saw, a feature you usually only see on more expensive models. One thing you’ll notice is that the right fence is higher than the left.  Im not sure how this will effect doing 5-1/4″ crown; which it has the capability to do, but I’m curious to see if that is something that is mentioned in reviews as this gets in the hands of userss.


Lastly, dust collection.  The Ryobi actually performs well in this area both with and without a vac attached.  The dust shoot is big and a hard plastic, where my dewalt is a flimsy rubbery material that tends to get sucked in by the vac.


The verdict:  What usually helps Ryobi above any other brand is value.  At $299 and batteries NOT included, I’d call it market price, not value price.  For someone in the Ryobi platform $299 is on the higher end and if you’re not in the platform you have to spend an addition $99 on 2 high capacity batteries bringing your investment to $400. Knowing Ryobi’s history, the price will come down.  Personally, I’d like to see this saw at $249 without batteries or $299 with batteries.  I think this is the perfect price level that gives GREAT value to their current base who are in the 18V One+ platform and those they are trying to attract.  Is it a contractors saw? No.  Is it a DIY, weekend warrior, or  part-timer? Yes, no doubt and then some.  The saw offers quite a lot.

When it comes to brands, there are some people that Ryobi or any tool company for that matter just won’t win over; which is too bad because in the case of this 36v sliding miter saw, they are missing out on an impressive little tool.


I’d love to hear your thoughts below




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  • I always get worried about battery operated tools over corded for the fact of what if you run out of battery during a project.

  • I’ve selectively purchased a few Ryobi One+One set. I also found out that they pack a surprising amount of power. I bought the cordless jig saw basically thinking to myself this could be the best or worst purchase. The charge time on the batteries is a big plus if you do run out of power. I can find something to occupy myself for 30min. Anyways it’s a surprisingly great set.

  • I do believe Ryobi listens to the reviews, unlike some manufactures, DeWalt, which benefits all Ryobi fans… Corded and uncorded have their place, but lately I have traveled towards the uncorded on everything. It has achieved its place, power is there, run times are adequate, price point for batteries is economical, now tablesaws come in uncorded platforms, which I was totally convinced would not work well, then I used one, now I want to buy two! Heck may even buy 3 additional ones for my kids.


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