The NEW Ridgid 18v Octane Hand Planer


When Ridgid came out with the new 18v R8481B Octane cordless brushless hand planer, they not only came out with a new tool for their 18V line up, they also came out with what might be their most impressive 18v tool to date

Now I know of you are saying “ Did he just really say their most impressive 18v tool?”

Damn Straight I did!


Big, heavy, Powerful, smooth, Comfortable to use, stable, elongated 4-1/2” chamfer guide


Tool only purchase for $159.  No kits yet that includes a battery and charger with the tool


From a guy who uses an electric hand planer on the regular I feel this is Ridgid’s best tool in their 18V arsenal.  You can tell some thought went into this tool and it’s the first I’ve tried that truly has corded power.  Watch the video and see for yourself and comment below.

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